David Nevell

Founder and Director of Inventors HQ Australia Pty Ltd is a Mechanical Engineer (B.E. Mech.) and MBA Exec. graduate from the AGSM with over 20 years experience in manufacturing, engineering, sales and people management in both corporate and private businesses in Australia.

David founded Inventors HQ Australia Pty Ltd in 2002 to provide inventors and investors with real solutions to assist them with commercialising their inventions by utilise his diverse background and experience.

We only focus on projects that we think are going to be successful, hence the qualifying assessment before we start.  Having spent 14 years prior to IHQ in production, sales and distribution and then operating Inventors HQ since then for over 12 years commercialising and assessing business ideas I have a broad base of business and practical experience that can add great value to any commercialisation project. Utilising this experience we aim to reduce the risks and increase each project’s potential for success. A range of products have been nominated and won awards.

We save you time because we have already found the 'right' trusted people who can help with activities like designing, drafting, patent searching and patenting, creating, fabricating, packaging, marketing, selling and distributing new products. In special cases we can find private investors through traditional channels as well as bringing experienced management to new start-up companies. Now with an office in Melbourne, we not only provide access for a greater number of inventors but we have a network that covers a major part of the Australian landscape.

We look forward to talking with you soon about your individual project and individual needs. 

John D’Arcy–Evans 

John joined our team in early 2012 and has more than 20 years experience in providing support to small and large businesses and some of these activities include:

  •  Accounting support services to SME businesses including short-term and contract assignments
  • Conduct of critical & independent evaluations of their current positions
  • Provision of a range of advice to the business owners
  • Facilitation of advice and services to early stage business concepts and emerging businesses including introduction to required resources and expertise

John brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience to the Inventors HQ Australia team and heads up our newly opened Victorian office base in Melbourne.