How many times have you heard ‘You just need to think of one thing and you’ll be made’? Sounds so easy. If you’re reading this testimony you are probably understanding that it takes a bit more than that, but how exciting. Well, I have thought of one thing with potential but no idea for the next stage, I didn’t even know which categories to search for to further the concept and was worried that my idea would be stolen if I spoke to the wrong people.


I started searching and contemplated using engineering or manufacturing businesses.  I spoke to a few small and large firms but wasn’t impressed with the feedback.  My concerns were unrealistic completion times, my personal input, hours allocated without deliberation, overseas connections and costs. I was very concerned I would receive an expensive design and product that I was disappointed with and possibly losing the concept to other parties.


I shelved the idea for a little while being dissatisfied with the inquiries, but then started searching through a different avenue using the term ‘Invention’.  I came across the Inventors HQ website and read all the information available.  I felt the method and development is what I needed to take me through developing the concept step by step and more importantly give me a confidential professional opinion about my idea, as I’m unable to speak to many people about it.


I contacted the founder of Inventors HQ David Nevell and discussed all details at length which was extremely encouraging and exciting.  I decided to complete the confidentiality agreement and qualifying assessment which I thought was very important. I felt my idea was protected and will ultimately determine if the concept is worth pursuing for further development.


Once my idea passed the assessment, I had another detailed conversation with David about further stages for designing and developing the concept.  One of the significant questions, which also determined my decision was, why I should use Inventors HQ.  The answer was confident and precise, David replied, ‘To take this concept further it needs two people working on the design, the inventor and the engineer (David), it will require a certain amount of hours per month so it limits having a mental block on the design and gives us time for in depth and forward thinking to solve any challenges.  Frequent communication will be encouraged and the opportunity will be given to delay or proceed with the work if required’. I felt comfortable and could relate to David’s reply and decided to proceed.


I have now been working with David for the past ten months, I have been extremely happy with our working relationship and concept design. The software that is used to create the design is very impressive with regular updates supplied. Everything we initially spoke about has certainly played out, it’s been a learning, challenging and exciting experience. It’s difficult to describe your feelings when you see your idea come to life, it’s ‘TRULY AMAZING’


I have found David to be an intelligent and creative engineer, he has a wealth of knowledge who is passionate about his work and easy to communicate with. We have come across many engineering challenges with my design which David has taken on board, enjoyed and solved. He is a deep and forward thinking person who is genuinely enthusiastic and excited about every milestone we have reached.


I can highly recommend Inventors HQ to give you one of the best opportunities available to see your idea come to life. Good luck, it’s an amazing experience.



Randall Farrugia

Adelaide SA  




I needed a consultant to help me develop an idea into a sale-able product. Although I felt dubious about searching the internet for one, I went ahead and eventually found Inventors HQ. I thought its website looked professional and it advertised the type of service I was looking for. David Nevell contacted me promptly and we had a chat about the services he could offer.

We discussed the different stages of the product development and a timeline.

I found David to be rather thorough and knowledgeable about these processes.

David also gave me confidence in him because he was pleasant to talk to, not pushy and most importantly he put a lot of thought in what he said, whether it was an opinion or advice.

I have now been working with David for a year and my first impression of him still holds true.

He is honest, reliable and always came up with the goods. I have received a top-notch reliable service and countless good advice from David from the get go.

I’m glad to have found him to help me develop my product. Thank you, David!


Elisa Unson

Note: Elisa's product is now on the market :-)