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  • Shot Top

    Shot Top

    Author Inventors HQ

    Visual display packaging that will sell your drink with flair and visual impact
  • Happy Hat

    Happy Hat

    Author Inventors HQ

    Why Happy Hat? Because you can still wear your own hat! It suits all sizes and shapes of hat and offers a high level of protection for your face. Be safe and be in your own hat!
  • Fishing Rod Holder

    Fishing Rod Holder

    Author Inventors HQ

    No need to destroy a tree – simply slide the spike into the ground, set the telescopic rod rest and you are set to enjoy your fishing!
  • Plug Pod

    Plug Pod

    Author Inventors HQ

    No more dangerous plugs on the ground. Plug it, hang it and forget it – your power cable is safe from water, accidents and accidental disconnection.
  • Internal Pipe Cutter

    Internal Pipe Cutter

    Author Inventors HQ

    The Internal pipe cutting tool is designed for cutting pipe from the inside to avoid the need to cut concrete around the pipe when embedded or in difficult to get places. The internal pipe cutter can also cut from the outside using either of the 2 diamond cutting blades provided.

    Ideal for cutting PVC or concrete pipe and most pipe product materials!
  • Amazing Drill Buddy

    Amazing Drill Buddy

    Author Inventors HQ

    "Clean as you go" Drill attachment.

    Have you ever been left to clean up the mess after someone drills your apartment or house walls? 
    Do you remember the red brick dust that sits on your carpet or skirting boards or trails down the wall? Drill Buddy is designed to stop this problem. Drill Buddy is ingenious in its simplicity and ease of use!
  • Skoona Moova / Jack of all Trays

    Skoona Moova / Jack of all Trays

    Author Inventors HQ

    An Australian invention will make shouting a round at the local pub or major sporting event a great deal easier, as one person can effectively carry eight drinks with the ‘Jack of all Trays®’ – or as it’s more affectionately nick-named by it’s inventor, the ‘Skoona Moova®’.

    The ‘Jack of all Trays®’ is designed for all types of beverages.
  • Ozzy Nozzy

    Ozzy Nozzy

    Author Inventors HQ

    Tired of messy run-on from glue guns? Did you know you can waste 20% of the tube as it flows out all by itself after releasing the pressure on your caulking gun? The ozzy nozzy solves this problem, saving you money and unwanted mess

  • Swiftech 2020 High Speed Dental Steriliser

    Author Inventors HQ

    Swiftech 2020 is the world’s fastest autoclave steriliser. By providing faster, more effective sterilisation of instruments it reduces patient waiting time and helps minimise the risk and spread of infectious diseases.
  • Cable Enz

    Cable Enz

    Author Inventors HQ

    Safer | Faster | Convenient
    Cable-Enz is a safety closure device that snaps locked onto the normally exposed ends of power cables. cable-Enz provides a hard plastic protective cover for the wires to not only prevent damage to the wires before power point connection but provides a clear, visual indicator that the wires have been covered and attended to in a professional manner and left secure.
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  • The Me Strategy

    The Me Strategy

    Author Inventors HQ

    The Family Edition of ‘the me strategies’ is a simple and fun intervention strategy, that is designed to successfully adjust patterns of behaviour, teach new skills, and encourage participation in completing tasks and contributing to the family unit.

    the me strategies' is a simple and fun intervention strategy that is designed to successfully adjust patterns of behaviour, teach new skills, and/or encourage participation in completing tasks and contributing to the family unit. 
  • IQ Stick

    IQ Stick

    Author Inventors HQ

    This has been our mission! A complete redesign of the walking stick to give the gift of MOBILITY back to our elderly and people living with a disability.

    Our solution required finding lightweight super strong materials, and combining this with an innovative design to provide a self-supporting, adjustable design that allows for easy location in darkness.



design-award1 The IQ Stick has been recognised for it's revolutionary design by winning a 2014 Sydney Design Award!

Watch the PRIME TV News coverage on the IQStick


If your answers are Yes, then Inventors HQ could easily be the place for you!

For a quick start please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have been thinking about getting your invention or product idea assessed and a development plan created now is a good time to start. Due to the natural conclusion of a couple of projects we have time to work on a few more projects and as an incentive to start now we are offering a 20% discount on the Qualifying Assessment and start plan, saving you just under $200. This offer ends 31 October 2015 so please start now.

As the owner and Director of Inventors HQ Australia Pty Ltd, I congratulate you for making the effort to create a new invention. The pursuit of one's invention is a great mission and can bring much personal satisfaction.  Now, just for a moment can you allow yourself to easily imagine where your idea could lead?  And as you do, naturally you can see that if you really want this you need the best help, right? So in addition to our QA we also offer the following;

1. 3D CAD Design, drawing and modelling for concepts, prototyping and production using the latest CAD program


3. MANUFACTURING (finding, liaising and managing production)

4. MARKETING MATERIALS including brand image creation, packaging creation and Trade Show layout, Design and support materials

5. CONTENT CREATION and document writing for funding applications, Awards and Competitions and Crowd Funding project content

You may have already tried to turn your invention into a product and take it to market? If you have tried before you found us, you will understand the difficulties of going it alone. There are many pitfalls and over more than 15 years of experience in assisting inventors we have found most of them. I ask you, would you rather work with qualified, skilled and experienced people who are based in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) or hand your invention over to someone overseas? We certainly hope you will stay local.

It is our objective to help you turn your invention into a new product and then into a new startup business. We offer solutions for both inventors and investors at any stage of the commercialisation process. 

As we hear our successful clients say “an invention project does have high initial risk” and our six stage approach is designed to reduce exactly that, the high risks first and as we do, this increases your potential. 

Our business starts with an assessment of your invention immediately under a confidentiality agreement and for a short time only we are offering to you, should your invention progress beyond the Qualifying Assessment stage to a commercialisation project, we will credit you the assessment fee in the first month (a credit of $990 + GST).



If you sign up for a Qualifying Assessment you will recieve a FREE copy of Secrets Of Small Business Owners Exposed featuring a chapter about one of our products and a range of other successful entrepreneurial businesses that share their lessons in small business. 

So are you serious about your invention? 

Did you know that over 50% of patent applications lapse before the invention reaches the market? In many cases the patents lapse because there is no clear plan to prepare, manufacture and sell the invention/product.  

How you can submit an idea to Inventors HQ for assessment and a clear development plan? 

Please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a confidentiality agreement and a QA application form (Qualifying Assessment).