inventors hq methodology - how we work

Our method now has 4 distinct development stages, Qualifying assessment & Plan, Create, Prepare and launch.

Development stages


1. Qualifying Assessment and Start Plan

The starting point for all inventions to assess potential to warrant further investment in resources and develop a unique project plan.


2. Create

This stage includes; 

  • Proving the concept works (or not)
  • Building prototypes for experimental work and improving it until all design issues are resolved
  • Protecting it with patents, trade marks, design registration or other applicable IP protection
  • Converting your invention into a product ready for production. 


3. Prepare for launch

  • Modelling the business and establishing the structure
  • Preparing the brand image and packaging
  • marketing method and collateral
  • Launch strategy and plan


4. launch

Activate the launch plan and follow through with the marketing and sales plans.

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