Inventors HQ - Qualifying Assessment & Start Plan Application Form

Congratulations for taking action. Please complete this form if you wish to have a Qualifying Assessment and a Start Plan completed for your invention. The fee for the Qualifying Assessment and Start Plan is $A990.00 plus 10% GST which is a total of $A1089.00.

Payment is requested prior to the Qualifying Assessment process commencing and payment can be provided at the end of this application form through the secure Paypal system. Payment options are Paypal or Credit Card.


  1. Complete the application form and SUBMIT. You will see a 'Thank you!' when your application has successfully been submitted.
  2. Click the Paypal 'PAY NOW' button at the end of the application form to complete your payment and application process. If you wish to pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT) please email us through the contact page after your application submission and we can provide an invoice with the EFT details.
  3. For those who do not like forms we have designed this form with many drop down menus for ease of use and to speed up you the completion process and it will take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

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You have now provided sufficient information for Inventors HQ Australia Pty Ltd to complete the Qualifying Assessment and Start Plan. In order to commence your invention's assessment please provide your payment via the PAY NOW button below. Once we have received payment and a completed QA application form we will email you a confirmation and commence your Qualifying Assessment and Start Plan.

The Qualifying Assessment and Start Plan process can take up to 10 working days and should we need any further information we will contact you. 

Thank you.

David Nevell

Owner Inventors HQ Australia Pty Ltd